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When I pray I do not think about places where I am not as much as where I am. I think about the people that are being abused and whether or not they are Christians. I suppose that most must not be Christians but that does not mean that I could turn my back on them with a clear conscience and what about those that are Christians. Maybe I should not distinguish between them. God causes the rain to fall on both the good and the bad.

I feel sorry for those who struggle and suffer. I have had my share of misery as have we all. Maybe it is something like a right of passage for every human.

While there is much misunderstanding concerning those that die an untimely death. I know that it seems that GOD being good should not let things like that happen however that is only a purely physical point of view. The Bible clearly states that GOD knows us even before we are formed in the womb. I believe that this implies that we agree before we are even conceived about many aspects of what our lives are to be. We may agree to what to accomplish to justify being given the gift of life. This could include where we are to be born and even when we will die and all before birth. So on consultation on loosing a family member that this was pre-ordained and there is no single event that is not accounted for by GOD.


Scientific Advancement?


Or has our reach already exceeded our grasp?


Isnít it interesting that science and the creation of new inventions although makes our lives more easier which leads to further obesity but the toxic chemicals and the environment damaging processes used in their creation are further endangering us all.


I suggest one consider global warming and an unbridled arms race as a spic example of uncontrollable progress.


Further that medical advances that save the lives of such HIV infected individuals so that they can further infect others is alarming. Also by continuing the life of those that nature has selected by birth defects and genetic defects are now passing those defects on to their own children.


Health care is even on the verge of manipulating DNA like creating Goats with spider silk in their milk and animals with human organs for transplanting not to mention cloning and embryonic stem cell research with the goal of tissue engineering.


This is further clouded by moral values of abortion and using stem cells from aborted babies.


This begs the question perhaps we should be a bit more cautious before implementing new


Just something to think about.



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