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A little bird fell out of his nest and landed in the cold grass of a pasture. He was very unhappy because he was cold and he squawked and squawked. Then along came a cow and sees him and feels sorry for him so the cow lifts its tail and drops a cow pie right on him. Well now he is covered with shit and the little bird was unhappy because of it and squawked and squawked some more. Well, a fox heard him and came running and pulled him out and brushed him off until he was all clean again. This mad the little bird happy again but when he was all clean the fox ate him.

The moral of the story is:

Those that throw dirt on you arenít always trying to hurt you and those that pull you out of a jam arenít always trying to help you and finally donít complain when you are up to your neck in shit just keep your mouth shut.



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