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Keeping up with the Jones'

     It is important to note just how fortunate we are. Do we have a excellent planet or not? It should be included in your prayers of thanks giving. Since the disparity between The Church and science, most just take this special gift from GOD for granted. Personally I think we are fortunate in many ways and out position in the galaxy is only one, but the greatness of this particular gift should not be taken for granted. Perhaps it would be prudent to be grateful for being a what we were made to be and that is embodied potential.

The ‘Dark Ages’

     The ‘Dark Ages’ were dark because of spiritually dark practices. Many dark and ugly practices were performed by the European Religious Community which, by the way we are directly descended from. Remember “The sins of the fathers” and History repeats itself? Most think that the reference means a blood connection as in family, but the truth is that this reference is social, and the activity of a society counts. Some call it peer pressure or a social disease but the method of contagion is the same. That is why we (Interstellar Christians) see sin as a disease that can not only cripple the individual, but also the entire social structure.


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