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Wouldn't It Be Nice


How about silverware with longer handles?

     Instead of selling silverware by styles why not by design shape? Personally I'd like a regular teaspoon with a longer handle. Not real long like an one of those "Ice Tea spoons", but one just long enough to stick out of my coffee mug so I can stir my coffee and still is the same teaspoon size.

     And how about silverware made of plastic? I'm not talking about "Plastic Pick Nick Ware" that's light and flimsily and breaks easily, but something that's sturdy and looks good too. They could have all kinds of designs even a fork with an edge on it for cutting your meat and stuff and how about forks with sharper tines so you can actually pick up you food instead of chasing it all over your plate.

     And while we are on the subject, will someone out there please invent something practical to eat spaghetti with?