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     Though Oregon Ping Pong Players Club is new and not yet open, however once a suitable location (at least 5000 sq ft) the players of Oregon will have an upscale facility.

     There will finally be a place in Oregon for everyone to play from walk-ins to leagues and tournaments. This will give everyone who is looking for table tennis competition a place to test and improve their skills.


The Oregon Ping Pong Players' Club was established to give Oregon ping pong players a quality place for quality play. Also the O. P. P. P. C  was established to give players a place to schedule and hold tournaments, find

challenging competition and develop their completive skills.


We will be featuring 20 Ping Pong tables, 2 Robo Pong (mechanical players) and 1 Pong Master (a fun game that develops your aiming skills

 used with Robo Pong)

  There will also be a full time store that will be selling paddles, balls and associated table tennis equipment.



(United States of America Table Tennis)

Starting Feb. 1, 2005, all USATT League players must be USATT members. This includes the new USATT League membership option ($12/year), which allows you to play in the league, but no other membership benefits. Directors & Players - please read announcement! You can go directly to the USATT Membership page to join.

(International Table Tennis Federation)

(United States Disabled Athletes Table Tennis)

(United States Classic Table Tennis Association)

(National Collegiate Table Tennis Association)


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