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Medical Resources

Facility Name



Hours of operation Phone#
Old Town Clinic 7 Primary and TB testing ??????????? 503-241-3836
West Burnside Chiropractic Clinic 221 W Burnside St. Free Chiropractic 9-5 M-F 503-223-2213
WMC Downtown Services 727 W Burnside Urgent Care & other 6:30-8pm Thursdays 503-489-1760
254 W Burnside (Gresham) check in 6pm M & W
Multnomah County Health Dept. 426 SW Stark   24 hours message 503-988-3333
Multnomah County Call Center ---------- Mental health crisis 1-800-716-9716, ext 3 503-988-4888
Multnomah County, HIV Test Site 426 SW Stark, 6th floor Call for appointment for testing

9-4:30 M, T, T and F

12:30 to 4:30 Wednesday

West Side Health Center 426 SW Stark, 5th floor   ??????????? 503-988-5140
Child, Family, Adult Mobile Outreach Multnomah County Mental Health ??????????? 503-988-4888

Mid County Clinic

Children's Community Clinic 27 NE Killingsworth Care to 21 years

Mon, Tue, Thu 9-5

Wen 12-8 / Fri 9-3

County Health Nurse 131 SW Ankeny TB, Flue, Pneumonia, Tetanus Shots 1:15 to 3:15 Wednesdays unknown
County Health Nurse, Youth only TPI: 435 NW Glison 1:30 to 3:30 Mondays unknown
County Health Nurse, Youth only Greenhouse 820 SW Oak 3:30-5:30 Wednesdays unknown
Josiah Hill III Clinic, Families resources 1200 NW 23rd Lead poison testing 503-415-9694
Legacy Clinic At Good Samaritan 1200 NW 23rd General Medicine 9 to 4:30 M-F

Appointment Only


Outside In Clinic 1132 SW 13th Ave. Needle exchange, Acupuncture, Tattoo removal, Naturopath, and General Medicine? 9:00 to 6:00 Monday through Friday 503-535-3890
Portland Adventist Community Services 11020 NE Halsey Family Services 9am-12pm M-F 503-252-8500
Salvation Army 131 SW Ankeny Temp. Clinic, TB testing 1:15-3:15 Mon and Wen 503-239-1259
Westside Health Clinic (Spanish Speaking) 426 SW Stark, 5th Floor OHP Plus A&C only and Care Oregon 8-5 M-F



William Temple House 2023 NW Hoyt Limited perscription assistance 10-3 M-Thursday 503-226-3021?
Lifespan Respite care resources for seniors and special needs 503-988-4790
Oregon Health Plan Plus/Medicaid Services --------------- Medical transportation ------------ 503-802-8700
TB Program 426 SW Stark, 3rd floor TB tests - non-shelter's 8-11 and 1-4 Wednesdays 503-988-3417
Quest Center for Integrative Health 2901 E Burnside Osteopathic, Naturopath 8:30-5 M-F 503-238-5203
New Day Homeopathic Clinic 1917 SE Clinton  natural cures Wen eve appointment only 503-795-7008
NARA Indian Health Clinic (No walk-ins after noon)       15 N Morris   8-5 M-F 503-230-9875
Cascadia Urgent Walk-in Clinic Service 2419 SE 49th   7am-10:30pm 7 days per week unknown
OSHU Behavioral Health Clinic 621 SW Alder, Suite 520 Outpatient psych 8:30-5 M-F 503-494-4745
Partnership Project 1132 SW 13th Ave. HIV case Management 9-5 M-F 503-230-1202

Cascades Aids Project (CAP)

620 SW 5th, #300

Counseling, ect.

9-5 M-F 503-223-5907
Planned Parenthood

3231 SE 50th

3531 NE 15th, Suite B

HIV, STD, Birth Control Call


1-808-875-7820 pharmaceutical company's listing special programs  

Urgent Needs Dental Resources

NW Medical Teams-Dental Van  FREE     (for appointments call these locations)

     St. Francis Dinning Hall


     William Temple House 503-226-3021
     Salvation Army 503-2391226
     Christ Comm. Ministries 503-535-3800

     Dental Access


Dental Access Program (DAP), (Average fee $35.00) [for uninsured people]

Russell Street Clinic, 214 N Russell St., Portland (by 8:00am, $45.00 walk in fee) 503-494-6822
*Dental Access (Referral System, $40.00 walk-in fee, urgent care 503-988-6942
Dental Care Today, 3205 NE Broadway, Portland/12750 SE Stark St., Portland 503-284-1602 / 255-2710
Geriatric Dental Group,6319 SE Powell Blvd., Portland (seniors and disabled) 503-772-3677
Donated Dental Services [FREE], SW Gaines Rd., Room #1252, Portland 1-800-767-6334
Oregon Health Sciences University, 611 SW Campus Dr., Portland (reduced fee) 503-494-8867
Portland Dental Emergency 10305 NE Halsey St., (Call for particulars) 7pm-12pm 503-252-6969
Old Town Clinic, 727 W Burnside and  TPI, 475 Glisan gives out vouchers for Russell Street Dental Clinic's walk-in session. The voucher waves the $40.00 fee, and is good at 7:45am the weekday after it is issued (M-F) and covers most non-wisdom tooth extractions and temporary fillings.  

Mental Health

Mental Health Crisis Line


Crisis Walk-in Clinic, 2415 SE 43rd, Portland 503-516-2137
Cascadia Mental Health, 412 SW 12th, Portland (24/7) 503-288-7134
Dept. of Community and Family Services. (Mental Health Services) 503-988-3999
Portland Victory Center (drug addition) 3715 N. Lombard-B, Portland 503-978-8192


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