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To Whom it May Concern:


     The "Portland Resources Booklet" you received at The Veteran’s Stand Down on March 11th was a work-in-progress and as I keep getting in new information I make necessary changes. You can have this on disk if you like for a nominal production fee.

     I have put a PDF version on my company website, which I will update as I get new information. I have made this available to the community at large at my own expense. I can not afford to print these booklets for all the organizations that would like to hand them out. If you find that you can not handle the publishing aspect I will be happy to be a resource for them for at present market prices. If you can deal with the booklet production yourself you will find the booklet (in PDF form) on the afore mentioned website.


     The Veteran’s link is a Good Forms Company sponsored web-site is also a work in progress. This will be a resource for particular information concerning resources in the Portland Community at large and will be available to everyone at no expense.


     If you find that a resource does not appear or is incorrect please let me know so that I can make changes or updates.


     Also you may contact any agency or organization and inform them that they may get a copy of The Resources in Portland Booklet and a disk from me for a small donation to help cover production and mailing by e-mailing their request to me at:



     B E Burns

Owner, Good Forms LLC

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