The Lion's Roar

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Official Publication of Portland Downtown Lion’s Club   

Volume 3 Issue 3 (15 September)



     That’s the theme for our AUCTION this year.  Be sure to mark Saturday, November 18th on your calendar.  The

Auction Committee, chaired by Lion Sunny Pulley (did our Lion President, Keith, do some insider trading?) has already  gathered many items  - BUT- you will undoubtedly be hearing from the Committee regarding the need for Theme Baskets, etc. Specifically, it’s hoped that each member will be able to get at least one gift certificate from a restaurant.  You know the drill!  The Auction is our big fundraiser for the year.  Our goal is to net at least $20,000.  Let’s make the Lions Roar that night!




     Does our Club make a difference?  From July 1 through Sept. 14, we have provided 3 sets of hearing aids and 26 pairs of glasses to 29 people in need.  It is still hoped that the Sight and Hearing Task Force, created by District 36-O, will pick up a larger share of the need in near Southeast Portland.  So far, however, the number of requests for our services has not decreased.


     The District 36-O Task Force has scheduled five screenings between September 15 and November 20, so that should relieve some of the pressure.




     Word was received that longtime Lion, Ernie Agostino, died on August 30. He had been living in Arizona for many years.





     The 4th Annual Scramble for Sight & Jr. Golf Clinic for Visually Impaired Youth will be held on October 2nd.   The Reserve Golf Club, in Aloha, is the site.  It is a wonderful opportunity “To Make a Difference” in a child’s life.  For information on sponsorships or to put together a foursome, call Paul Morris at OLSHF, (503) 827-6952 or check the website




     Two members from our club were eye couriers in July:  Bud Riley and Herm Meyer (twice).  Our club also got credit for a run by Laura Stocks.  This editor has not delved into the circumstances, but Ms. Stocks has previously given us credit for her good works.  Thank you Bud, Herm and Laura.





     Many of us who know The Intrepid Mary Reed, of Prineville, appreciate this news.  Lion Mary Reed - perhaps after Les Schwab – might be the most recognizable person in Prineville. She is everywhere working on behalf of the Lions in schools, businesses, doctor’s offices and in FUNERAL PARLORS.  One funeral director said to Mary, “you want eyes, how about pacemakers?” Mary said, “Sure”. She then discovered that the veterinary school in Corvallis is experimenting with using pacemakers in large animals like horses or large dogs (how about a 150 lb. Pekinese?). Fortunately, our OLSHF is not rushing ahead to collect pacemakers.





October 6th; The OHSU/Lions Eye Bank of Oregon will present a program on October 6th.  Our member, Lion Barbara Crow, will bring us up-to-date on the latest services and research activities.  Many of you know that the Eye Bank was initiated by our member, Lion Norm Ross.  It is now one of the leading Eye Banks in this country and perhaps in the world.  Lion Wally Watkins will be C hair of the Day.


October 13th; We will be honored to have former Governor Victor Atiyeh as our speaker.  “The Governor” will discuss Oregon politics.  Lion Richard Atiyeh will introduce his brother.


October 20th; “Peter Jacobson Productions” has been a highly successful force in our community.  We will learn about the many charitable activities of this organization created by Portland’s own Peter Jacobson. The program is confirmed but a speaker has not yet been named. Lion Jerry Monroe will be Chair of the Day.


October 27th; IT’S SPOOOKY!!!! Lion Gary Tipton promises a program suitable for Halloween. Maybe a magician.  Maybe a real ghost.  Lion Gary is silent on that topic.





     The following statistics emphasize the need for us to do everything we can to increase our collection of used eyeglasses and used hearing aids.


     In the Lion year 2002-03, we collected 107,200 eyeglasses and 1544 hearing aids.


     In 2003-04, we collected 148,454 eyeglasses and 1154 hearing aids.


     Collections in the Lion Year 2004-05 were skewed because of the great effort to provide glasses and aids for tsunami victims.  We collected 213,200 pairs of eyeglasses and 1992 hearing aids.


     The last Lion year, 2005-06, we collected 108,884 pairs of eyeglasses and 969 hearing aids.


     Note that 30-35% of the glasses collected are suitable for eyeglass missions in Mexico and other countries.  Our OLSHF receives money from the scrap metal, including gold, salvaged from those glasses not suitable for export.


     Also note that an Oregon Lions Eyeglass Mission will leave on November 1 for Mexico.  Each mission takes a “library” of 6,000-7,000 glasses. We provide the glasses for missions conducted by other groups such as the Amigos of Pacific University and several churches.


     The final cleaning and calibrating process continues to be done at the Coffee Creek Correction Institute. It is the most sought-after training program the facility has.  A number of the women train for certification as eyeglass fitting technicians, and 90% of those who take the exam are approved. Everyone wins!




     Calendars for 2007 are now available.  Lion Mark Smith is again heading up the project as a fundraiser for the club. They sell for $10.00 and our club net is $6.00.  Start early and sell lots (like “vote early and vote often”).  Mark needs help. We should have no trouble selling 100 of them.


October Birthdays

Oct. 2    Richard Atiyeh

Oct 14   Michelle Vanderway

Oct. 20  Norman Ross

Oct. 6    Jeff Mandel

Oct.16   Kristin Pulley

Oct. 30  Richard Silliman