The Lion's Roar

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Official Publication of Portland Downtown Lion’s Club   

  Volume 2 Issue 12 (28 June)

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     I would like to THANK YOU for allowing me to be President this year. I have enjoyed my year. I had a great board to work with and all the committees did their tasks very well. Our program committee was outstanding.  I hope more of you will attend the meetings because you are missing great speakers and programs.


     This year we earned $19,732. The auction brought in $18,226; Entertainment books $406 and the Wine Tasting brought in $1100.


This is how we spent the money:


     Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation-$11,000, White Shield Home-$917, Eye Glasses and Hearing Aids-$6,500, LCIF-$1000 and Youth Exchange-$200. The total we spent was $19,637. We also gave $1245 to Ockley Green School for a much needed field trip.  Those funds were raised for the school at a previous Lions auction.


     Some of the other things we did were to send Gary Tipton, in-coming First Vice President, to a Lions Leadership seminar. He came back with some great ideas. We gave the Pride of Portland Award to the Oregon Donor Program. It is now hanging in their new office.


     Thank you to all the members that work on the MHSU. The Sight and Hearing Foundation just got a new truck and trailer. Warren & Susan Heathman  brought  it to the Convention in Albany. This brightly painted unit is a great way to publicize the service Lions give to our communities.


     We should be very proud of our club. We provided 102 pairs of glasses and 19 sets of hearing aids to people who could not afford to purchase them. Our Board approved $7000 for that service. Wally Watkins was chairman of our sight and hearing committee.  It takes time to interview people and do all of the necessary follow-up. Wally was awesome!!


     We ended the  year with our Awards Banquet. Some of those honored were: New Member Award -Tom Lyden; Sovereign Award - Mark Holloway and the Cy Hawver Memorial Award went to Darcey Bone.  The Sight and Hearing Foundation Awards: Helen Keller - Robert Mackey,  Norman Ross Endowment - Jerry Monroe and  Lauren Fisher, the Honor Roll - Mary Bloom and  Rains Tipton.  The International Melvin Jones recognition award -Wally Watkins.


     Two hundred people attended our Rose Festival luncheon. The Theme for the Rose Festival was “In Grand Style” and our event fit right in.  The Ballroom at the historic Governor Hotel was decorated in grand style with flowers. Lion Dr. Tim and Jill Eilers were the chairs, assisted by Lion Gary Leinhard and Jean Uzelac. Lions Mark Eves, attorney and Tim Eilers, dentist, were again the grill‘em and drill’em team.


      Warren and Sue Heathman, Gary and Tip Tipton, Bill Rollins, and Susan Yang spent a long weekend helping make the HOBY Youth Leadership Seminar at the University of Portland a great success. HOBY stands for Hugh O’Brien Youth.


      There will be no meeting on June 30th because 14 of our members are going to Boston to help Dennis Tichenor be elected Second Vice President of Lions International.




This issue of the ROAR will be sent to everyone by US Mail but the aim is to mail it only to those who do not have access to the internet.  We will try to have an accurate list in the next month or two.




     Lion Darcey delivered twins on June 24.  Baby Bella weighed 6lbs. 9oz and was 19 inches long.  Baby Nathan, the younger of the two by three minutes, weighed 5lbs. 9 oz and was 18 and ½ inches long.  Mother and twins are just super fine.  It is reported that papa bravely withstood the rigors of the event.  What a guy.  The Downtown Lion pride is happy for the newly enlarged family.


June Birthdays  

7/3  Gary Tipton

7/9 Patti Laumand

7/12 Shannon Brown

7/13 Susan Yang

7/16 Fama Partlow

7/27 Dave Ross





June 30:  NO MEETING as 14 of our members are in Boston for the International convention.


July 7: We will have a speaker from the Cascade Policy Institute. Name unknown at this time.


July 14:  Ms. Sandra McDonough, President and CEO of the Portland Business Alliance, will be our speaker.  The PBA deals with core issues in the Portland Downtown area.  She will have a power point presentation.  Lion Wally W will be Chair of the Day.


July 21:  Campaign SightFirst II, our second great Lions International effort to save sight around the world, will be the topic.  The potential speakers are in Boston but the Council President, Clyde Woods, says “not to worry”. Lion Bill Rollins will be COD.


July 28:  “Living With a Heart Transplant”:  Mr. Jack Snook will relate his experiences before and after receiving a new heart.  It is an inspiring story.


August 4:  A speaker from the American Automobile Association, hopefully Terry Baker, Oregon’s lone Heisman Trophy (football) winner, will tell us about that remarkable organization.  It is likely that most of us are members of AAA, but we aren’t aware of all of their programs.


August 11:  The Northwest Film Festival will be the topic.  Obviously, more information will be

available in the next ROAR.



July 26:  Candlelight Vigil to honor our donors; Washington Park Amphitheatre from 7:30 to 9:30 P.M

# of vision surgeries…………………………….7

# of requests for glasses & hearing aid……….136

# of referrals for service to Clubs………….....121

# of days MHSU on location……………….…18

# of people screened………………………...1057

# of problems identified………………….…..752

# of eye tissue donors…………………….…...77

# of tissues provided for transplants …….……89

# of tissues provided for research and sclera….85

# of used eyeglasses collected ……………...1050

# of used hearing aids collected……………….80



     He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.

     Friendship consists in forgetting what one gives, and remembering what one receives.