The Lion's Roar

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Official Publication of Portland Downtown Lion’s Club   

Volume 3 Issue 1 (28 July)


August 4:  The American Automobile Club - Triple A (that's AAA, not AA), will be the subject of the day.  Most of us are members (especially your editor) so it will be interesting to learn the full scope of their services.  The speaker will be Mr. Gary Solberg, Coordinator of the "Show Your Card and Save" program.  He is a former AAA Sales Representative so he knows more about their products and services that almost anyone.  Lion Keith Pulley will be the Chair of the Day.


August 11:  Lion Bob Mackey will bring us a program about the Northwest Film Festival.  The speaker is slated to be Tom Chillitson who is the advertising director for the NFF. 


August 18:  One of the HOT topics of the day, “The Future of the Trail Blazers”, will be our program.  Mr. J.E. Isaacs will tell us all of the late-breaking news.  Lion Mark Holloway will be Chair of the Day.


August 25:  The program planned for that date has fallen through so it is a work in progress – BUT - it will be SUPER!


September 1: There will be NO MEETING on September 1 because of the Labor Day week end.





The Annual Meeting of our Portland Downtown Lions Foundation (separate from the Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation) was held on Wednesday, July 26th.   Foundation President, Joe Blundon, chaired the meeting.   

The Treasurer’s report, prepared by Lion Gerry Monroe, was presented, discussed and approved.  Our total funds available for the year were $39,004.83, including a starting balance of $5,882.11.  Expenditures totaled $36,173.63 leaving an ending balance of $2,831.20.  A proposed budget for 2006-07 will be presented at the regular August meeting.


The new officers and board members for the present year are as follows:

President – Wally Watkins     Vice President - Nita Rollins     Secretary - Ellen Nesbitt     Treasurer - Gerry Monroe     Immediate Past President - Joe Blundon     Corporate Agent - Mark Eves 


Two-year Board Members:  Keith Pulley, Jeff Mandel, Sue Heathman, Tom Lyden, and Rains Tipton


One Year Board Members:  Cliff Temple, Gary Tipton, Mark Holloway, Bud Riley, Diana Richardson


Meetings are held following the regular Club Board meetings on the second Tuesday of each month, at noon.  Any Club member can attend but a quorum of eight elected officers/board members must be present to conduct official  




Here are the statistics for June.  These are services provided through our Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation.


# of vision surgeries provided   20
# of hearing surgeries     1    
# of requests for eyeglasses and hearing aids   103
# of referrals to clubs to provide those services  86
# of used eyeglasses collected  7,000+
# of used hearing aids collected   128
# of days our MHSU was on site   11
# of people screened  667
# of problems identified  474
# of eye tissue donors to our Eye Bank  l86
# of tissues provided for cornea transplants  80
# of tissues provided for research and sclera 87



The Portland Public Schools and SOLV have designated AUGUST 26 as “school clean-up day”.  That is a Saturday.  The project is too big for our club alone to tackle the Ockley Green School grounds, but we are talking to SOLV to see if we can partner with another group.  SOLV, that’s the group that organizes the semi-annual beach clean-up, would like to have 15-20 participants at each school.  The first need is to find a “site coordinator”.  More information will be provided at the club meetings.  It could be a fun service day so keep the date in mind.  



The Forum will be held this year in Columbus Ohio, from September 14-16. 







8/1:  Hal Mink 8/2:  Mary Lee Turner 8/8:  Darcey Bone
8/12: Clare Woodward 8/17: Keith Pulley 8/22: Capt. Marvel Mitchell
8/26: Ryan Borgens