The Lion's Roar

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Official Publication of Portland Downtown Lionís Club   

  Latest issue is Volume 3 Issue 4 (October)

See Officers and Directors Update for 2006-2007

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Volume 2 issue 11

June (6/28)

Volume 2 issue 12

July (7/28)

Volume 3 issue 1

August (8/28)

Volume 3 issue 2

September (9/15)

Volume 3 issue 3


Volume 3 Issue 4

November (11/28)

Volume 3 Issue 5

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Portland Downtown Lionís Club Officers and Directors    2006-2007

President: Keith Pulley

1st Vice President: Gary Tipton

2nd Vice President: Sally Lewis

3rd Vice President: Jason Holloway

Treasurer: Bud Riley/Tom Lyden

Membership: Kristen Pulley

Secretary: Cliff Temple/Jim Anderson Tail Twister: Herm Meyer/Joe Blundon
Lion Tamer: Mary Bloom/Bud Farm/Wally Watkins
Past President: Nita Rollins Attorney-in-Fact: Mark Eves

Board Members: 1-year term: Susan Heathman/Matt Kibbe/Mike Newell

Board Members: 2-year term: Mark Smith/Tip Tipton/Susan Yang