The Lion's Roar

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Official Publication of Portland Downtown Lion’s Club   

Volume 3 Issue 2 (28 August)




 September 1:  NO MEETING!  Have a great Labor Day week end.


 September 8:  Is Phil Sanford, columnist for the Portland Tribune, appropriately called “The Gadfly of Portland”, or the “Man About Town”?  We can ask him when we meet him .  He will speak to our Club on September 8.  He seems to know what’s going on in Stumptown.  What’s the origin of the moniker, “Stuumptown”, for Portland?  We’ll learn all that – and more.  Lion President Keith Pulley will be the Chair of the Day.


 September 15:  We will meet another Portland Tribune columnist, Steve Brandon, at this meeting.  Steve Brandon writes about sports.  By that time, the three football teams that we know and love, OU, OSU and PSU, will have played so Mr. Brandon will have an informed perspective on them.  We might even ask him about Nebraska, WSU or UW. Lion Jerry Monroe is COD.


 September 22:  The Oregon Zoo will be the topic.  We don’t have a speaker’s name yet but they promise to send one to our meeting.  Lion Gary Tipton will have to perform for us if no speaker shows because he will be the Chair of the Day.


 September 29:  The District Governor attends a meeting of every club in his District during his one-year tenure.  District Governor Steve Thomson has that daunting task this year.  September 29th is his day to speak to our club.  Lion Gerry Monroe most likely will be the COD but he may call on Lion Bud Riley to do the honors as Bud was scheduled to be the COD on that date.


 October 13:  A SPECIAL OCCASION.  Former Governor VIC ATIYEH will talk to us about the current political scene in Oregon. 

There is no way that you will want to miss that.  Our member Lion Richard Atiyeh will introduce his brother.





 Several of our members put their spirit of Lionism into practice month after month and they neither seek nor receive recognition (certainly not adequate recognition) for their good works.


 LAUREN “BUTCH” FISHER is a regular participant in the monthly eyeglass sorting parties at the Foundation office.  On the second Wednesday morning of each month he is there to sort through the boxes of donated eyeglasses. Butch is also a regular on the MSU crew.


 Eyeglass couriers are called on short notice, sometimes late at night or early in the morning.  They transport donated eyes to or from the airport and to various facilities in the Portland area.  Our members who were couriers in May/June are:

   HERMAN MEYER (Herm once received special recognition for having been a courier three time in one month).









 # of Vision surgeries…………………………7

# of calls to OLSHF for service………...….104

# of Eyeglass &  hearing aid referrals…..…..85

# of used eyeglasses collected…….……12,950

# of hearing aids collected……….………...235

# of MHSU events……………….………….16

# of people screened by the MHSU…….….773

# of problems identified…………………...624

(that is a very high percentage and it shows what a vital service the MHSU provides)

# of eye donors……………………….……103

# of tissues provided for cornea transplants.116

# of tissues provided for research, or scler…..93




9/8   OLSHF Eyeglass & Hearing Aid Committee meeting

9/13 Eyeglass sorting party at OLSHF at 9:30

9/16 Eyeglass sorting party at Legacy  Recycling Center, 9:00


 10/2  The 4th Annual SCRAMBLE FOR SIGHT and Golf Clinic for visually impaired youth, at the Reserve Golf Club, South course.  If you wish to sign up to play or to volunteer, or if you have questions, call Paul Morris at OLSHF (503) 827-6952.


 10/3and 10/4  United States Blind Golf Association’s U.S. Open Championship, at the Stone Creek Golf Club, in Oregon City.



Here’s a great idea – turn Trick or Treat Night into SIGHT NIGHT.  How scary would that be to collect used eyeglasses on Halloween so that someone in Mexico could see.  That’s a Trick that’s a real Treat.




The Eyeglass and Hearing Task Force set up by District 36-O, will get into high gear in September.  In collaboration with the School of Optometry at Pacific University, screenings of patients in  Northeast Portland will take place on September 15th and September 25th.  About 30 people will be screened on those two days by the “EyeVan of Pacific University.  The Task Force will provide volunteers and has acquired funds to provide glasses to those people.  It is just another great service provided by Lions.  Call Wally (503) 226-3340, if you wish to volunteer, or contribute or get more info about this project.  Dates are already being planned for October, November and December.




The Board of Directors of the Portland Downtown Lions Club, and of the Portland Lions Foundation, will meet on September 12th.  The Board for the Club meets at 12:00 Noon at the Devers Eye Clinic, in the North/South room on the first floor.  The Board for our Foundation meets at the same place, at 1:00 P.M.  Any Club member is entitled to attend either meeting.




Reading the Oregon Lion Magazine is a bit more interesting this year.  Most of us look at the District 36-O news and at the service statistics, and now the column written by the State Council Chair is of more interest.  It is written by our member, Council Chair SUNNY PULLEY.  How cool is that!



9/02  Joe Blundon

9/05  Warren Heathman

9/07  Garry Lienhard

9/08  Dr. Randall Corey

9/16  Mark Holloway

9/18  Dr. Sunny Pulley

9/25  Ken Johnson

9/26  Bruce Markuson