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Positive Affirmation Volunteers


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Be part of a grand educational experiment. Volunteers are needed to post “Positive Affirmation” stickers through out your city, town or street.


The purpose of the Positive Affirmations are to reinforce positive social values through out the community.


This experiment will tell us if human nature is the result of casual chaotic thinking or the result of predetermined premeditated priorities.


If we can affect casual thought patterns to more positive venue the overall effect will improve the general wellbeing of the community at large.


 Positive Affirmations Pages #1, 2, 3, 4, 5

The “Positive Affirmations” should be posted in areas where there is sufficient foot traffic and at average eye level. If someone else is also posting “Positive Affirmations” just place yours where you think they would be most effective. The more they are spread through out the community the better. When you are done you will have the satisfaction of contributed to the betterment of mankind and a service to your community.


On a $XX.xx (I have not looked it up yet) package of Avery Weatherproof labels (#15510), you can laser print out “Positive Affirmation” on the 1” x 2 5/8” water proof stickers .



The Affirmation template can be downloaded from goodforms.biz  (just click on “positive affirmations”).



Always get permission before posting anything on private property.



Weather Proof Mailing Labels

White Rectangle for use with a laser printer (Inkjet print will not adhere well)


Template numbers #

5520 (1” x 2 5/8”) Template finished

5522 (1 1/3” x 4”)

5526 (3 1/3” x 4”)


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