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The GOOD FORMS Company specializes in reducing the amount of labor needed to manage your business programs and/or customers and clients by streamlining and tuning-up your systems information 'paper work' forms.

We will design your forms to fit a wide range of applications or a specific application, function or program. Also we can up-date and/or streamline your present use forms to better suit your business.

The GOOD FORMS Company endeavors to develop a quality product whose design for the express purpose of improving your company's or business's product, look and performance.

What The GOOD FORMS Company does is to take a critical look at your forms to see how your forms can be;
   1. improved to develop efficiency,
   2. rearranged to reduce errors,
   3. Consolidation of your information requirements for versatility.

Schedule of Rates

New Forms Construction

We offer form designs based on your priorities and information needs. Base fee $50.00 for the first hour of form development work. Additional time, if needed will be charged at $25.00/hr.
Combining of Forms or Upgrade and Forms Updates
Optimization to combine the information in more than one form to streamline processing. When updating your business forms you create an inexpensive advertising and artistic impact while streamlining your business forms. $35.00 for first hour. Additional time, as needed will be charged at $25.00/hr.

Base fee of $25 per hour of forms review and discussion concerning current forms. Additional time, if needed will be at $15.00/hr. 50% of the review fee will be applied to any form work we provide.

We will be happy to quote a "maximum fee" bid, that our fees will not exceed; based on our discussion and agreement, the number of forms, the types of services and the time frame agreed upon.

The GOOD FORMS Company will  accept work from governmental institutions, organizations, companies businesses as well as programs and personal requirements.

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