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What you can gain from ďGalactic Christians" association:

  • To learn to see through this veil of self-serving self-indulgency

  • To learn to perceive the universal finiteness of this existence and the Eternalness of your spirit.

  • To learn to prepare for your eternal future (as an eternal spirit) after you are loosed from this mortal coil.

  • To spread the Enlighten view of how we should properly conduct ourselves in our day to day walk.

  • To learn to distinguish your will from HIS.

  • To learn to see that your all good things come from HIM.

  • To learn to understand that you are made in HIS image for HIS purpose, not for the worldís or yours.

  • To realize that Salvation is the Consecration of your life to HIS designs for your own good.

  • To learn to see life through HIS eyes, so you can appreciate how great HIS creation really is.

  • In other words, your good (by HIS measure, not yours) is what HE wants to give you by HIS measure and HIS gifts are far greater then anyone can imagine.

We believe that JESUS THE CHRIST is the first born


We accept that Jews are GODís chosen people and because of their rejection of CHRIST made salvation available to the Gentiles (anyone that isnít a Jew). This is the reason why the Jews were chosen in the first place.

Galactic Christians believes that GOD makes sense, and common sense is a high priority in our  path  toward greater understanding of JESUS and how HE wants us to live.

If you havenít been able to live a spiritual life, and itís not because you havenít tried, it maybe  that the life you are trying to live doesnít make sense spiritually. JESUS said MY Way is easy.  Common sense and spirituality are compatible that's how Wisdom is  proved of her children.

Galactic Christians endeavors to diminish the confusion in biblical interpretations that compromise a Christianís potential. As the light of understanding is burns away the dross of confusion.

Galactic Christians strives to reveal the TRUTH to any serious worshiper. Christ said "I am the Way, The Truth and the Life! No man (or woman) commeth unto the Father but by Me!".

in helping us to see our way clearly to expedite spiritual growth.

Galactic Christians believes that tithing is important, however, and more importantly, tithing isnít limited to money.

How we can assist ourselves and others as we perfect our own walk.

  • By aspiring to Values and Truths that transcend those of money and power.

  • By the committing of oneself to the Truth of action and thought.

  • To learn to accept what is and learn to live with it and learn to use it, praying for and seeking help when we think or even when we donít think we donít need it.

We do not condemn speaking in tongues, provided it a legitimate language and

that an interpreter, interprets. Consider if you will Acts 2: 4 through 11 for verification.

We believe that Heaven and Earth was created in seven ďdaysĒ (days meaning that period  between dawning (as in new light, or new revelation) and evening (that period of absence of  new light). Also since that period came into being before the Earth (See Genesis 1:5) it can  be deduced that this period is subjective. A thousand years is as a day and a day as a thousand years.

GOD did not create dinosaur bones to confuse us. So let us be realistic HE must have created dinosaurs and if that is the logical conclusion (HE also created logic and common sense) than the day referred to in Genesis refers to something other than a twenty-four period. I propose that it refers to a level of development of the universe as the dawning of a new level of development which eclipse the previous one. I am suggesting that this creation was a monumentous event that included the creation of this world and all others as well as it continues throughout the universe.

I also propose that we expand our thinking to include those other worlds and spread the Good Word throughout the galaxy.


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