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The only Christian website with a commitment for the perpetuation of humanity's spiritual future on other worlds.

This is our chance to prove to GOD that we have a continuing value in HIS Plan of salvation for all.

Mark 16: 15

"Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every (intelligent) creature."

(can your world include more than one planet?)

But what if you are not born on this world? What if you are born on one of the other planets in our solar system? What if you are on a planet that is not in our solar system? What if other intelligent life is found elsewhere on some other world in another solar system? Does that void our responsibility to follow this directive? I believe that if other intelligent creatures or beings were found elsewhere in the universe, we are obligated to spread the word of salvation. This is the justification for the name, "THE GALACTIC CHRISTIANS", and as such we are preparing to be Missionaries to the Stars.

THE GALACTIC CHRISTIANS' aspires to be a Universe orientated

Church that teaches Wisdom, Truth and Understanding

as a resource for greater spiritual enlightenment and spiritual evolution.

The seven acts of Faith

 1. We believe that CHRIST died on a cross for the sins of all who accept HIM.
 2. We believe that Salvation is a gift validated by acceptance.
 3. We believe that Righteousness is the culmination of Faith.
 4. We believe that the Second Coming is a personal experience that will happen to everyone.
 5. We believe that Faith without works is dead.
 6. We believe that GOD rewards for those that make an effort to do right.
 7. We believe that Righteousness is Truth embodied.

For these reasons GALACTIC CHRISTIANS came into being,

putting it in all The JESUS' Hands.

If you are not a Christian but would like to come under the protection

and Love of The One True SON of The Almighty GOD go to your Bible read John 3:16. If you need further spiritual help contact:

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