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Galactic Christians

GOD is universal, JESUS is Stellar

and We Christians Are Galactic


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Interstellar Christians "The Missionaries to the Stars"

Interstellar Christians do not see the stars as merely a backdrop to creation, but were created with a purpose that is linked to human destiny.


Interstellar Christians believe that science is merely the study of what GOD has created and evolution is GODís method of creation of not only life, but of the universe as well.


           Interstellar Christians believe that Jesus Christ is a universal spirit and HIS Salvation Plan includes the whole universe!


Interstellar Christians are open to everyone (that would have to include other intelligent beings, if Humanity ever encounters any) without restriction it is all inclusive as would be fitting and proper for the Whole Universe.


                Interstellar Christians believe that The Bible is an (unusually) accurate historical account ( of the singular heritage of Jewish genealogy leading up to the life of Jesus Christ) of events leading up to and including HIS life as well as prophetic and instrumental in guiding us in the proper path for our Universal Salvation for our Eternal Soul (just like all other Christians, we however do not limit it to mean exclusively our physical representation or to only the world upon which we live).



Mark 16: 15 And HE said unto them (HIS disciples); Go ye into all the world (more precisely that sphere of existence you call your world) and preach The Gospel to every creature (that has the capacity to comprehend it).



     The interpretation the overall gist of the Holy Bible should not be limited to the blindness of rhetoric handed down through out the ages. We can perceive a more realistic interpretation by first realization that the Bible is a book written about the spiritual realm. While many of its participations and their actions were of physical reality, the point was to outline the spiritual side of things (more specifically salvation). the Bible should therefore be read with an outlook that perceives a spiritual continuity in a physical world. The mishmash of fantasy and theory will not result in a deeper understanding, however since The Bible's purpose is salvation and not education the reader need only be content with its promise of 'The Surety of Salvation'.

     For those of us that aspire to a more in-depth relationship on an intellectual level, not ruling out  realistic aspects of reality such as dinosaurs, carbon dating and genetic change will see that the conflict is limited only to interpretation. This clears the road for a more intelligent assessment of the scriptures and their more 'obscure' meanings.

     With this one can develop a deeper understanding of the true nature of GOD and Cosmos including the physics of the Spiritual side of things. Which means that our thanksgiving to GOD and JESUS will have more a universal validity.



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