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The ‘Dark Ages’

The ‘Dark Ages’ were dark because of spiritually dark practices. Many dark and ugly practices were performed by the accepted Religious Community, whom we have descended from. Remember “The sins of the fathers” and the old adage that History repeats itself? That reference means not only a blood connections as in family, but this reference is also social, and the activity of a society still counts. Some call it peer pressure or a social disease but the method of contagion is the same. This is why we "Galactic Christians" see sin as a disease that can not only cripple the individual, but can also an entire civilization.

What is sin? There are three types of sin. First there is sin against GOD, whether in thought or act. Second there is sin against others. This includes not only friends and family but also the world on which we live. Third there is the sin against you own self. Not only sins that corrupt the spirit but also the body which is the temple of your spirit.

But there is a cure for sin and it's devastation and that is forgiveness. Sure it is easy to forgive yourself and not so easy to forgive others however the cure is not complete unless the sin is no longer a force for corruption.

So that means that the mission is to save others regardless of race and whether of this world or another.

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