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How to become an Independent Contractor













To be employed with The GOOD FORMS  Company

you must apply as an independent contractor.


For Further Information click here: Independent Contractors


Employment Opportunities
There are no immediate openings at this time, but...

Send a filled out an employment application and/or a resume and mailing  to: The GOOD FORMS Company,

PO Box 562, Portland, Oregon 97207-0562,

or email to: (,

your information will be on file.

Job Seekers, Please Read;

This type of employment requires that a perspective worker be reasonably competent in developing business forms from both by hand and with a forms program and able to send that finished product (by electronic mail) to a specified address.

It is also required that a he or she be employed as Independent Contractor (which is not as difficult a proposition as one might suppose). This type of classification (Independent Contractor) may also be an advantage to you in future job prospects versatility in this electronic age.

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