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The GOOD FORMS Company's History

The GOOD FORMS Company was started in July 2003.


This Christian owned and operated company exemplifies the ideals that are sorely lacking in today's business community. My personal commitment to give quality service and advice to my customers, to meet my customers expectations and to be a dependable resource for the business community.

Personal:  My name is Bruce Burns. I am a 60 year old entrepreneur with delusions of grandeur, endeavoring to create a successful data forms company while giving my customers a business forms face lift.

Outlook:   I am an advocate of improving business forms to make them better looking, more specific to their application and easier to use.

History:    I am a Vietnam Veteran with 10 years of active duty (6 in the Army and 4 in the Navy). I am blessed with many skills that range from Portrait Artist to Contractor, Mechanic and inventor to name a few. While in the military, I have used both generic and  specific applications of many different government forms in many different settings. Also in the private sector I have had similar experience with many different types of forms. In my business experience I have had to develop  forms from scratch to fit special applications.

Skill:    This very varied background gives me insight into preparation of forms, development and style. Also, these skills serve me in systems development, orientation and form planning.

Goal:      At this time I am endeavoring to rid the world of cumbersome, difficult and ineffective generic business forms.

Policy:   I seek to employ people who are looking to work from their home. This enables me to hire (though not limited to) handicapped, disabled and otherwise house bound employees that could not find
employment otherwise.

 My personal perspective on life is to do the best you can with what you have. Endeavor to help those less fortunate where and when you can. Invest in the positive good for what is right in this world and seek truth within yourself. Do not speak ill of others. Listen to words of wisdom when you hear them. Live your life by your personal convictions but be prepared to reap what you sow and endeavor to remember others for  the good they do, not the mistakes they might have made along the way. And above all, love one another.

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If you value your friends, you will have valuable friends!

The GOOD FORMS Company.......... Supporting CHRISTIAN Ethics since 2000

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