1725 Era Retro Club

I am endeavoring to start a retro style culture club with a early 1700's theme.

     I am looking for people who would like to join in the setup, operations and execution of the club in any area of the world. Our priorities are to preserve the culture, skills and dress of the period using today's technology. The Politics and racial propiorities are not relative, only the good clean fun of living an atunitive life style even if only temporarily. This is meant to give new freedom of thought to those who seek it in an atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of today's life style!

     Groups can get together or hold meetings anywhere. If you live in a city, a park or an outing to a farm or even a trips to a historical sites or the local museum. Alternatives range from an evening meeting at a member's home to a converted farm into a Time-Share era orientated sudo-comunity.


     The object of 1700's Era Authentic Retro Club theme would be that nothing invented after 1725 (exact date and time yet to be determined) would not be used.
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     Financial support would be to provided by dues and allow us to operate like an extended community. This would give people a chance to live in (or retreat to)  another era for a time.  To join in with others and share the enjoyment of a common goal to live (even for a short time) without any of the troubles attributed to the fast paced world of today.

     By the re-creation of the skills, deportment and dress of the age, that time frame will give to each of us a simpler time to share that is educational as well as skill building. We will cultivate skills such as candle making to blacksmithing, from shoeing horses and plowing with oxen to creation of furniture and kiln fired dishes. Also will include leather working and ink and paper making even medical potions of the age.

     We do not limit the menus of the theme to any specific area, so if a skill is attributed to the timeframe but not the area it is still admissible. Charter group (town) meetings are encouraged and incorporation of racial pools will enhance the desired effect as each racial group will have it's own culture broadening the diversity.
       We do not support re-enactment of any war or any political stands as this tends to undermine the sport and fun of authentic retro-living (wars tend to be death orientated) and I never thought of politics as fun.








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