1725 era town-resort

     Financial support would be to provided by operating like a resort community and time share financial support. This would give people a chance to live in another era for a time like a resort but without any of the troubles attributed to the fast paced world of today.
     By the re-creation of implements, equipment and all supporting technology of the age of that time frame we will have a time share resort that will be self supporting in form and function. We can host everything from candle making to blacksmithing, from shoeing horses and plowing with oxen to creation of furniture and kiln fired dishes. Also will include leather working and ink and paper making even medical potions of the age.
     There will be emergency resources available to respond to accidents or ongoing medical conditions should one arise. So there will be emergency phone and other services (within the retro guise)  but   restricted only in form to perpetuate the authenticity of the theme.